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Fur, Fins, and Feathers, LLC is highly recommended

Pepe, Client since 2017

“I first starting using Janet and her service Fur, Fins and Feathers, LLC in the Spring of 2017. We recently just welcomed a new pup into our home and we needed care for him during the day. A nice friend of mine from my part-time job highly referred Janet and Furs, Fins and Feathers, LLC to me. She was near my house, so that was a plus!

We met right away and I knew she and her services were the ones for our pup, PEPE, and for us! She is kind, professional, honest, flexible, caring, upfront, organized, and just a great person to work with. She is very flexible with your needs and she is so helpful with schedules, giving medicine or checking in one last time to make sure your pet is OK.

I would highly recommend Janet and her team to take care of your pets. We have enjoyed and felt confident of her services these past few months and look forward to many more visits.”–Eileen, Pepe’s owner

Looking for an experienced pet caregiver? Try Fur, Fins, and Feathers, LLC

Wilson, client since 2015

Wilson, client since 2015


“I recently had to hire a new dog walker. But considering I have a 90 lb. doberman extensively trained for personal protection, this is no easy feat. This is a dog that does not suffer fools! I had visions of teenage girls bringing their boyfriends over to check out the “attack dog” or worse yet, trying to give him “snuggles and hugs” and getting bit in the face. What I needed was someone who would follow directions to the letter and not think that their experience walking a Labrador qualified them to handle a serious working doberman. This of course, is in addition to the general concerns of reliability, honesty, etc. As soon as I met with Janet, I knew my search was over! She listened to my instructions on the do’s and do not’s of interacting with my dog and took detailed notes. She didn’t pretend that she knew how to handle my dog better than I did and she showed a healthy respect for my dog’s temperament and training. My dog and Janet became fast friends and I have no reservations whatsoever with him being in Janet’s care. I would recommend Janet highly to anyone looking for a pet caregiver. Sometimes you just cannot beat maturity and experience!”—Kim, Wilson’s owner