Our Services

In-home care provided by Fur, Fins, and Feathers, LLC helps to reduce the anxiety experienced by your pet when you are away.

Addy, Client since 2010

Addy, Client since 2010

Fur, Fins and Feathers. LLC caregivers visit with your pet in his/her home, a stable environment of familiar sights, sounds and smells.

Your pet receives one-on-one attention. Visits are never combined with other pets unless specifically requested by the pet’s owner.

Your pet’s diet, medication needs, and exercise routines are maintained with no disruption.

Fur, Fins and Feathers, LLC in-home care minimizes your pet’s risk of exposure to illness and eliminates travel-time trauma for both pet and owner. Pets seem to be happier and experience less stress when cared for in their homes.

A comprehensive consultation at no cost takes place prior to Fur, Fins, and Feathers, LLC initiating care

Baker, Client since 2008

Baker, Client since 2008

You are the caregiver most knowledgeable about your pet. Your pet is unique. You are the one that best understands his/her likes, dislikes, temperament and disposition.

Likewise, you schedule diet, feeding times, walks, playtime, etc. based on this knowledge. Fur, Fins, and Feathers, LLC appreciates that each pet is unique and provides customized care based on your specifications.

The consultation identifies the unique aspects of your pet as well as how you would like your pet’s care is to be provided.

It is also an opportunity for you to meet me and for me to meet your pet in his/her in-home environment.

  • Care visits are available daily, weekly or as needed. Visits are usually 20 or 30-minutes in duration.
  • Customized visits may include feeding and washing dishes, walking, administration of medicine, providing fresh water, and sanitary clean up.
  • Other services provided, to ensure a safe environment for your pet and property, include: newspaper pick up, mail pick up, watering indoor house plants, adjusting interior window shades and alternating indoor lights